Western set menu

– Hoi an cafe –

1. Cream tomato Soup
2. Ham & Bacon Salad
3. Pan Fried Fish in Ginger sauce ( served with mash potato+ crispy
4. Home –made ice – cream

1. Pumpkin Soup
2. Green Garden salad w/ pork sliced
3. Chicken breast with orange sauce
4. Banana fritter w/ honey sauce

1. Onion Soup
2. Spanish Salad (Mixed Salad, Green Bean, Corn, Red Bean, Prawn,
Egg, Mustards Dressing
3. imported beef steaks – Server with Mashed Potato & vegetable
4. Flan caramel

Potato and ham salad
French onion soup
Grilled duck breast server with mashed potato and ginger sauce
Chocolate mousse